Photo Our advice for achieving peace and happiness

Our advice for achieving peace and happiness

Our advice for achieving peace and happiness

In today's hectic life, more and more people have become aggressive and gloomy. The picture of people rushing to crowded buses and market places have become familiar in many places. Hostile behavior is disastrous because it is usually seen through verbal abuses or even physical abuses to the others. The exact reason for people's belligerent characteristic is difficult to define, but researchers say that it might have been triggered by child abuse or neglect by family members.

That is possibly why Prem Rawat, a peace ambassador who works for global peacekeeping said that most inhabitants in the planet are looking for peace. If you are looking for peace and happiness, here are our pieces of advice to attain that goal.

Learn to control your emotions

In the society, people who rarely find joy in their life tend to complain about everything, even about unimportant matters. A negative feeling attracts more problems in life. It is like an invisible magnet which sends out negative waves to enslave its victim. In contrast, the Law of Attraction instructs that positive feelings attract success.

In other words, feeling good and optimistic attracts peace and happiness. If you are faced with problems, do not cry or panic; avoid highlighting the negative aspects of life. Instead, take some time for yourself, thank God for everything, and thank Him for your life. There is still tomorrow to make up for the failure of the past days.

Meditate regularly

Another aspect of the modern life is stress. Civil servants and teachers are faced with tight deadlines; students are stressed out because they have to come to school in time and finish all their readings and assignments in time to graduate.

On the other hand, farmers are stressed out because of the changing weather, which has harmed the crops. Consumers have become frazzled due to the constant increase in the cost of living. As a consequence, it is difficult to remain happy even though TV channels broadcast funny sitcoms and other fascinating programs.

At work and at school, it is difficult to stay focused on the tasks and the goals. To remedy the situation, it is helpful to take some time for yourself and meditate alone. An advantage of meditation is that it helps to unwind and focus on the objectives. By actualizing yourself regularly, it is certain to find the inner peace that the peace messenger Prem Rawat is taking about.

Pray at least three times a day

One of the reasons why people are in tension is that they worry too much about the problems and limitations in life. In developing countries, for example, some fathers hope to find peace by getting drunk every day after work.

Alcohol addiction, however, brings more harm to the family than good. Not only does it deteriorate health condition; but it can also use up family savings. Other people hope to find happiness and peace by indulging in food or adultery. However, obesity and HIV have created more serious concerns among those who are affected.

Obese people are often subjected to verbal abuses by bullies at school or in the community. Unfaithful people face incurable diseases too. The bible instructs that peace cannot be obtained from either eating or drinking. Instead, by praying regularly, believers can pass on their sufferings to God and that results in peace and happiness.